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We take pride in our reputation in the renting market - by being abreast of the market developments, we are always prepared to take on today's challenges. The District Immobilier team is happy to present their Rental Management offer to you in partnership with GLP.

Do you own one or more properties which you wish to rent out? Entrust the management of your properties to us, and optimize your rental capability and ensure a regular rental income.

Our team of experts in rental management will help you plan and manage your asset in peace, regardless of whether you are the owner of a studio, a larger apartment, offices, lofts, houses etc., and regardless of whether they are furnished or unfurnished.

Rental management includes:

• The renting of your property:

• Management:

• Follow-up on disputes:

• Insurance on unpaid rents:

A unique agreement with an insurance company on unpaid rents at a rate of 2.3% incl. of VAT, guaranteed to always collect your rent and thus ensure a constant revenue.

• A simple and innovative platform:

We provide you with a secure extranet platform with unlimited access at your fingertips 24/7, accessible from any internet connection:

• Owners:

• Tenants:

Finally, the management fee is entirely deductible from your rental income.

Feel free to contact any of our agencies. You can also write to us at: